Dullstroom Gin Gave Us Wings

We recently attended a “Dullstroom Christmas in July” dinner. It was a joyous evening filled with all laughter, Secret Santa, Christmas carols, dinner, Christmas Fruit Cake pudding and of course, Dullstroom Christmas Gin.

The best part of the evening was without a doubt that it was hosted to benefit “The Birds of Prey Centre in Dullstroom. In attendance was Magdali and Frith, the owners, aka Heroes, of the Centre.
In addition to our wonderful evening, we also became the proud sponsor of Wasp for one year and Indigo’s aviary for one year.

The Centre is foremost an educational facility and not an entertainment facility, which in itself sets their project apart from others in the country. They believe that the wellbeing of the animals are always their number one priority, not the fiscal aspect of the activities on offer for public entertainment. Which is in line with their mission to rescue, raise, rehabilitate and release indigenous wildlife back into a natural habitat.
Of course this all costs money.  The Centre does not receive government funding and relies solely on the generosity of the community for the birds’ survival.

In an attempt to support the Centre on a more continuous basis Dullstroom Gin wishes to appeal to our “Stream Steamer / Stroom Stomer” patrons to make even a small contribution towards the Centre as often as possible (from as little as R100). 

With this said, you can NOT visit Dullstroom without attending one of these educational demonstration sessions hosted by Magdali. Her passion and commitment is contagious, her wealth of information invaluable and the experience of seeing these beautiful birds purely uplifting.